Supplemental Material: “Trauma is Really Strange”

Oftentimes therapy can be more effective when clients are intentional with reading supplemental material outside of the therapy session. In my clinical work, I often suggest books, movies, video clips, and music to my clients that support their personal work, challenges them to think differently, and help them feel known and not alone. The resourcesContinue reading “Supplemental Material: “Trauma is Really Strange””

Secondary Trauma and #metoo

This article was written for those who are in caring positions: friends, family, mental health providers, pastors, etc., of those who have experienced sexual harassment and assault. If you have experienced sexual assault and are looking for support, I have written an article with resources for you. I hope that you find it helpful. InContinue reading “Secondary Trauma and #metoo”

My Mommy Moment

Today began a lot earlier than I thought it would. My toddler woke up to the sounds of my teacher husband getting ready for work. Teachers start their day pretty early. I should have walked straight to the french press, but got caught up in toddler breakfast, then the next thing and the next thingContinue reading “My Mommy Moment”