As a Marriage and Family Therapist Ashley provides a number of services for those seeking support. Ashley works with clients as individuals and in couples and she also facilitates groups to support and encourage people wanting to heal and grow. Another way Ashley engages with people on their journey of growth is through workshops and speaking engagements.

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Meet Ashley

I wear many hats: the mom hat, wife hat, the professional hat, therapist hat, friend hat, family hat. Lots of hats…which is weird because I actually I don’t really like hats (see photo as evidence: -20 degrees outside in that picture…no hat). I tried hard during my athlete phase in high school…just never seemed to fit.

My current hats are different than my Carolina Blue Tar Heals cap, though. They may not as vibrant but they are far more valuable to me.

As a wife and mother, I wrestle with the weight of those roles and relationships: how do I strengthen my marriage in the midst of our busy life, how do I parent a toddler, how do I stay present for them when I sometimes feel like I’m drowning, and how do I remember to laugh as I think about these big questions? As a sister, daughter, and friend, I occasionally feel the powerlessness of other people’s choices and their implicit and explicit impact on my life. Yet, I flourish in healthy, strong relationship with others. As a therapist and professional, I feel the weight of other’s pain through stories of their experiences in life and I get to see the light in their eyes as they find hope again.

In all of these things there is so much good, so much beauty, so much learning, and so many tears. As we grow older, the number of hats we wear tends to grow, and with them, the complexity of wonderful and difficult.

In 2008 I received my undergraduate degree from Crown College in Waconia, Minnesota. My degree allowed me to work with volunteers, developing their skills and creating space for them to express their creativity and passion for their community. I moved to Kansas City in 2012 as a way to broaden the reach of my personal experience and have been here since. Kansas City has, in some ways, stolen my heart. I met my husband here and we have chosen to begin our family here. After finishing my Masters of Science in Family Therapy at Friends University, I began my clinical work at Bedford Therapy Group. I am a S-MFT in the state of Missouri and on my journey to complete full licensing in both Kansas and Missouri.

I am passionate about my ability to grow, create, and shape the world I live in through relationship, art, and, honestly, plants. In my down time, I enjoy knitting, gardening, and talking about Star Wars. My husband and I have a daughter who has given me the gift of duality: insane love and infatuation for another person as well as instantaneous frustration about my inability to be the perfect parent.

Originally from Minnesota, I love the fall and winter and desperately dislike humidity.If I could spend my every waking moment on the water, I imagine I just might. I am a chronic pain sufferer; I was diagnosed with Sciatica in April of 2017. I have had two surgeries to address the pain and have experienced a significant impact on my pain level. Nonetheless, I understand how Pain takes from you each and every day. And, finally, I believe that relationship is one of the most powerful and healing gifts we are given in this journey called Life.

Individual Therapy

Individual Therapy

“If we can share our story with someone who responds with empathy and understanding, shame can’t survive.” – Brene Brown

Sometimes we need a listening ear and an empathic heart to stand tall and brave the changes we want to make in our life. In Ashley’s work, she journeys with clients through their stories to face fear and challenge together because it is in those spaces where the voice of shame is silenced and authenticity is allowed to grow.

Through narrative focused talk therapy, Ashley works with clients to identify the main stories they tell themselves about who they are and what they are worth. She also encourages clients experiences in nature, as she believes nature has the most incredible power to steady heavy hearts and heal wounds. One of Ashley’s greatest joys is seeing clients find the comfort they are needing through relationship, whether with Self, others, or Nature.

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Couples Therapy

Couples Therapy

Conflict is an opportunity to learn to love our partner better over time. – Dr. Julie Gottman

I have been told often in my life that conflict cannot be avoided; if we chose to avoid conflict in our relationships, ultimately we are creating it within our own Self. That doesn’t make it any easier, however, and sometimes we need a third pair of ears to help us understand what is happening in our most valued relationship. Whether you feel distant from your partner and not sure how to “fix it’ or you’ve been stuck in painful conflict for as long as you can remember, therapy can be beneficial in making movement toward the relationship you’re hoping to have.

As a therapist who believes in the power of story, I work with couples to identify what narratives they are telling themselves and their partners about the relationship and the value they give it. Through in-session conversations about their relationship, I work with my clients to create experiences of connection and understanding; it is one of my highest priorities as a therapist.

I am strongly influenced by the work of Dr. John Gottman and Dr. Julie Gottman, as well as the work of Dr. Susan Johnson. Each of these professionals has contributed greatly to the field of mental health and the betterment of couple relationships through building intentional connection in the little moments as well as the big. I often reference their work with clients and suggest their books for personal reading.

My experience as a Prepare|Enrich facilitator has equipped me to work with couples who are considering engagement or marriage and want to dig deeper into their decision to couple. From time to time I hear spouses say, “I wish I would have asked him/her about…before we got married”; Prepare|Enrich strives to create relationship curriculum that allows space for conversation about things you may not think about before committing to your partner. I work through this curriculum in session to help client’s better understand their personal capability with their partner.

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